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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Call for Papers: Neoplatonism and Christianity in Byzantium : Dialogue, Appropriation, Refutation (Lisboa, 16-21 de junio)

Nos hacemos eco de la invitación de Sergei Mariev a participar en una mesa redonda dedicada a la filosofía en Bizancio en el marco de la conferencia del ISNS en Lisboa, del 16 al 21 de junio de 2014. La publicación de la mesa redonda está programada en la serie Byzantinisches Archiv de Walter De Gruyter.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 24th of February, 2014
Neoplatonism and Christianity in Byzantium: Dialogue, Appropriation, Refutation
Sergei Mariev (

During the Early Byzantine period (4th-7th centuries AD) Platonism, on the one hand, significantly contributed to the development of Christian doctrines and, on the other hand, remained a rival world view that was perceived by Christian thinkers as a serious threat to their own intellectual identity. This problematic relationship was to become even more complex during  the following centuries. The Byzantines made numerous attempts to harmonize Neoplatonic doctrines with Christianity as well as to criticize, refute and even condemn them. The panel aims  to explore the complexity of the relationship between the Neoplatonic heritage and Christian doctrines in Byzantium. We  seek contributions that examine various attempts to integrate (Ps.-Dionysios, Bessarion) and to refute (John Philoponos, Nicholas of Methone) Neoplatonic doctrines throughout the entire Byzantine period (4th to 15th centuries). The panel also welcomes contributions that investigate the relationship between Neoplatonism and Christianity within such Byzantine authors as Michael Psellos and John Italos who do not fit easily into a simplistic scheme of opposition between the two rival world views but require new and more sophisticated methodological approaches.

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