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jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

Dos contratos para licenciado y doctor en Filología Clásica en la Universidad de Bamberg: traducción de Actas conciliares

The ERC Starting Grant Project “ACO” at the University of Bamberg is currently seeking a Doctoral or Post-doctoral researcher (“linguistic position”)
(E 13 TV-L, 65% for doctoral, 100% for postdoctoral researchers)
The position is intended to be filled as soon as possible (though it can be postponed a few months to suit the schedule of particularly strong candidates) for 3 years (doctoral researchers) or 18 months (postdocs).
Job description:
As part of an ERC-funded project on late antique Conciliar Acts, you will independently study linguistic phenomena present in these texts. Your research will focus on two main questions: first, you will track down traces of orality in these purported verbatim transcripts; second, you will study translation and re- translation processes between Latin and Greek (e.g., the Roman representatives at the Councils spoke in Latin; their statements are preserved in Greek, and these translations seem over-literal; one can witness this effect the other way around, in case Acts are preserved only in Latin; in case of Latin texts, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether we have the original or a re-translation). So far, almost nothing has been done in pursuit of these questions (though do check the introduction to Richard Price’s translation of Constantinople II). To be up to this task, you need an excellent command of both Greek and Latin, an interest in linguistic questions, and real enthusiasm to explore uncharted waters.
This position can be filled either by a doctoral researcher (for three years) or by a postdoc (for 18 months). Doctoral researchers may hand in their research as a Dr. phil. dissertation at the University of Bamberg, though this is not required.
Your profile:
  • Excellent master’s or doctoral degree in Linguistics (with a focus on Greek or Latin) or in any field of Classics, such as Greek Philology, Ancient History or Patristics
  • Proficiency in Ancient Greek and Latin, good to excellent knowledge of the modern languages generally used in Classics (English, German, French, and Italian)
  • Willingness and ability for independently opening up a new field of research
  • High level of work discipline
    General Information:
    The Faculty is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from female candidates. Among candidates otherwise equally qualified, preference will be given to candidates with disabilities.
    The University of Bamberg has been certified by the Hertie Foundation as a family-friendly university and is committed to providing measures to help reconcile professional and family life.
    Please send your application via e-mail as one combined PDF document to peter.riedlberger@uni- Use English, German, French, and Italian for authoring your application.

    Your application must include:
    • a brief cover letter addressing your qualifications, your intended starting date and any other relevant item
    • aCV
    • graded university transcripts and certificates; in case of the applicants without a doctorate, also
      include your graduation certificate from secondary school (“Abiturzeugnis” for Germans)
    • your commentary on a short passage excerpted from the Acts; please focus on linguistic questions, and do not write more than one page (even half a page should be sufficient); you can
download text to comment upon from
Your application may include:
  • anything that may prove your proficiency in Ancient Greek and Latin, such as additional diplomas, awards, publications etc.
  • anything that may prove your excellence in scholarly work, such as publications, reviews of your publications etc.
    You do not need to include any letters of recommendation.
    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at I have put together some further information which might be of interest to prospective candidates; you can find the document at
    Review of applications will begin on July 15, 2016. The position will remain open until filled.
    Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
    Dr. Dr. Peter Riedlberger
    ERC StG Project ACO
    96047 Bamberg

    Position 1

    Position 2

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