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jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

Cyprus, First Annual Conference of Byzantine and Medieval Studies (13th-14th January 2017) CALL FOR PAPERS


The Byzantinist Society of Cyprus (ΒΕΚ: Βυζαντινολογική Εταιρεία Κύπρου) invites papers to be presented at the First Conference of Byzantine and Medieval Studies, to be held in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Friday, 13 and Saturday, 14 of January 2017.
Honorary President: Athanasios Papageorghiou, Director Emeritus, Dept. of Antiquities.
Keynote Speaker: Ioli Kalavrezou, Professor, Harvard University.
Scholars, researchers and students are encouraged to present their ongoing research, work-in- progress or fieldwork report on any aspect of the history, archaeology, art, architecture, literature, philosophy and religion of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean during the Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman periods.
The languages of the conference will be Greek, English, French and German.
Programme Committee: Nikolas Bakirtzis (Chair), Stavros Georgiou, Maria Parani, Ourania Perdiki, Andreas Foulias.
Organizing Committee: Doria Nicolaou, Christina Kakkoura, Andriani Georgiou, Despoina Papacharalampous.
Deadline for abstracts: 15, September 2016 
Paper proposal submission material (see formatting details below):
1. A cover sheet detailing the paper’s title, author’s details and session information (if applicable; see below)
2. An abstract between 300 and 500 words in English and/or Greek summarizing the presented research, report or work-in-progress and indicating its original contribution.
3. A second copy of the paper abstract in a separate page without the author’s details.
Submit your proposal as an email attachment to the address: abstractCBMS@
Sessions of up to five papers can be submitted together as separate attachments by the session organizer.
Paper proposals will be reviewed based on their abstract and accepted on merit by the conference’s Programme Committee. This review will be anonymous. Notification of paper review will be send by email or fax by the end of October, 2016. Papers will be grouped in sessions according to their topic and theme. Each participant may deliver only one paper
limited to 20 minutes. Accepted paper abstracts will be published in the conference’s ‘Book of Abstracts’.
Graduate Paper Award: The best graduate student paper will be selected by the Programme Committee and awarded upon the conclusion of the conference.
Student bursaries: A small number of bursaries will be available, upon application, to assist graduate students’ travel and participation.
The conference is organized in conjunction with the annual meeting of the members of the Byzantinist Society of Cyprus. 
For membership information please visit the society’s website:
For inquiries send email to:
Paper proposal preparation instructions
Prepare the 3-page paper proposal as a single Microsoft WORD document. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point. Line spacing: single.
Cover Sheet
Include the following information in the listed order. Please align text left and allow a blank line between each information detail:
Name, position or graduate status and academic affiliation (i.e. PhD Candidate, University of...), address, phone, email address, title of paper, indication of proposed session (if any). Graduate students must also indicate their interest to be considered for the Graduate Prize Competition and/or travel bursary (see above).
Title line: Title in capitals. No more than two lines. Boldface and centered. Skip one line.
Author line: Author’s name followed by institutional affiliation in parentheses or, for independent scholars their city. No titles or degrees (i.e. Prof., Dr, PhD). Boldface and centered. Lower case, capitalize first letters of words. Skip two lines.
Abstract text: Justify text. No intend in the first line of paragraphs. Skip one line between paragraphs. Foreign language words transliterated and italicized. No footnotes or images.

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